Service for regular customers

EatPass brings together restaurant and café stamp cards and benefits in one place and facilitates private communication between customer and restaurateur.

Collect stamps, take advantage of loyalty benefits, use offers, make food reviews and be part of the development of restaurants and Finnish restaurant culture!

Benefits for regular customers

Collect stamps by reading QR codes from the EatPass brochure in the restaurant. When your restaurant-specific stamp card is full, you can redeem your prize by writing a short review of the restaurant!

Special offers

EatPass will make sure that your wallet doesn't get too thin while you're indulging. New offers are constantly being added to the service, so be sure to keep your notifications up to date with the best deals in your city!

Give feedback

Giving private feedback is easy and you can get involved in improving your country restaurants and the Finnish restaurant culture. EatPass works in partnership with the website, where you can check out other customers' experiences.